Wedding package - video 

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Our pricing politics is understandable and accessible, which makes it as easy as possible to work with the client. We also take into account all the requests and wishes of customers in the production of the final product.

Order is possible online and by phone:
052 243 00 45 Iulian

The package includes:
Video shooting of the wedding: shooting by the videographer for the whole day. Use of the equipment of the highest level, professional editing.

Final product:

- Promo clip
Interesting and beautiful moments from the wedding day.

- The short film consists of such parts:
1) Preparation of the bride and meeting with the groom
2) Reception of guests
3) The Contract and Hupa
4) Dancing (including slow dance of couple)
5) Ending

- Raw material on request.

Price: 3,500 NIS

- Shooting with an additional videographer - 1,000 NIS
- Shooting a walk on another day - 1,000 NIS
- Love story - 2000 NIS
- Aerial photography - 500 NIS
- Editing the report in full - 500 NIS
- Accelerated processing up to 14 days from the wedding day - 1000 NIS

Prepayment: 500 NIS